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As well as amazing equipment and an unbeatable range of classes, our Personal Trainers are second to none. You’ll find our trainers are all very approachable and friendly. Whether they’re running classes or providing one-to-one Personal Training, they’ll push you and keep you motivated.

Bourton Mill offers the best facilities and environment for personal training, we have 4 full-time Personal Trainers that can help with everything from rehabilitation to weight loss.

PT Rates:

  • 10 sessions - £400 (including 3x Styku body scans)
  • 20 sessions - £700 (including 5x Styku body scans)

Members get 20% off these prices


We’re proud to be the first Health and Wellness Centre in Buckingham to offer Styku body scanning technology. With Styku we can analyse hundreds of body measurements to assess body composition with less than 1% error, meaning risks can be evaluated and personalised, achievable fitness goals can be set.

  • 3 scans are included when you book 10 PT sessions (before / halfway / end)
  • 5 scans are included with you book 20 PT sessions (before / 3x throughout / end)

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I've been attending personal training sessions with Neil for approximately 5 years and although they're tough, I thoroughly enjoy them. All the Bourton Mill staff always made me feel very welcome and Neil is very supportive, a great motivator and really patient.

Whilst I've become stronger and fitter during the first 4 ½ years I didn't really significantly improve my physique until I finally followed Neil's advice:  from the very beginning, Neil stressed that in order to see a real difference, I must also address my nutrition alongside the training. I have watched what I eat before, i.e. how many calories, but never really paid much attention to the macros. Then, in January 2019, Neil and I put together a nutrition plan and in just 6 months my physique has gone through a huge transformation.

I've now dropped 3 dress sizes and everybody comments on how good I look, which leaves me even more motivated to stick to this new life style.

Susanne Lewis

Neil has been my trainer for 5 years now. Over that time Neil has tailored my sessions to meet my fitness level while ensuring that I’m always improving my strength, endurance and flexibility. Neil has also given me great advice on what I should or shouldn’t eat when I want to lose weight gradually while still having all the energy I need to workout up to 4-5 days a week.

In the last 6 months Neil has helped me lose 25 pounds while gaining strength in all areas. Neil is great at pushing me to my limits with quiet, determined encouragement. And when I hit my limits Neil is there immediately to support me so I can “max out” as I complete my exercise set. Neil varies my workout so I’m never doing the same thing all time but still repeating exercises often enough that I can gradually improve my technique.

I really look forward to my sessions with Neil as I can have a great, relaxing conversation with him while knowing he can read my energy levels and push me to new personal bests on a regular basis. No pain, no gain...and Neil makes it fun!


I have been training with Karen on and off since November last year. My goal was to feel fitter and healthier. Before training with Karen I felt really out of my depth in a gym. I wasn’t sure what to do or what machine to use. Karen has educated me in how to train in the gym. She always keeps my PT sessions unique, using different equipment, different exercises and pushes me to reach my potential. She is also a lot of fun which definitely helps at times! I would absolutely recommend the personal training to help you reach your goal and to gain more confidence in the gym. Karen has been great!


I have been having weekly personal training sessions with Karen for the past 18 months, I am 58 and have relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  Karen has taught me how to run,  I can now run 5k easily and do this  4 times per week. My overall fitness has improved ten fold , my coordination has been transformed, not only has Karen been my fitness mentor and inspiration, but she has become a lovely friend as well.

Annette Darby

Karen is a dedicated fitness professional who is so passionate about what she does its infectious. She delivers fitness plans which are extremely effective and tailored to your needs. I have found her help highly beneficial, her plans are effective and your really can see results if you put the effort in! I would definitely recommend Karen, her knowledge around fitness and well being is impeccable. She makes exercising become addictive, which I never thought I would say!