Relieve & repair

360° Clinic

We are pleased to offer a range of physical therapies on site, including sports massage and specialist treatments such as Japanese therapies. Our expert 360° Clinic therapists enable the healing of body and mind, helping you to achieve complete wellbeing.


  • 1 hour Sports Massage Treatment - £50

  • 30 minute Sports Massage Treatment - £30

  • 5 x 1 hour Sports Massage Package - £225

  • Japanese Therapy Treatment - £65

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For further information on our 360°Clinic treatments, please see below. If you have any questions about any of our treatments or would like to find out what is right for you, please get in touch. Book your treatment at reception or via phone or email!


In addition to expert sports massage, we are pleased to offer a range of specialist services on site such as chiropractic care or non-surgical cosmetic treatments for healing body and mind and helping you achieve complete wellbeing. If you are interested in massage or any of our treatment services, book at reception or via phone / email

JAPANESE therapies

Starr Therapies and Sports injury Clinic provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere for our patients to enjoy.

We offer a range of complimentary and therapeutic treatments for people of all ages to help with stress, common complaints, muscular and skeletal strains, sprains and sports injuries and most health and medical problems.

So if it’s anything from a bad back, medical problems or even pain in general, contact us for help and advice.

Our therapies include:

Japanese ‘Sekkotsu’ (Similar to western Osteopathy and

Chiropractic)- Joint and spine mobilisation and adjustment techniques using a more gentle approach than western practices and are used with acupressure and Osteomyology.

Japanese ‘Anma’ massage – Soft tissue balancing, Ligament balancing and Lymphatic drainage.

Acupuncture – We integrate traditional Japanese Acupuncture with Tang and Tung Acupuncture, which means we use less needles for a greater effect that can often be felt immediately.

Moxibustion and/or Cupping – Heat from Moxibustion improves the flow of blood and Ki/Chi to invigorate the body and stimulate lymphatic drainage and the body’s homeostasis which improves recovery.

Visceral Massage and Visceral Stimulation – Integrating soft tissue techniques with nutritional advice to improve organ functions.

Cranial Sacral Visceral Fascia Release – Used to balance the internal system of the body to restore homeostasis, improve recovery and harmonise both the nervous system and meridian systems.

Emotional Release and Swish pattern techniques – This is the integration of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) with reflex points and the swish pattern release to ‘change’ behaviour patterns and responses.

Remedial Exercise and Lifestyle Change – Firstly we achieve ‘balance’ before recommending remedial exercises for you. Our exercise and lifestyle recommendations are individualised to each individual person.


Sports massage therapy is a form of deep tissue massage used to relieve the tension and restrictions that can build up in the muscles. It enables both the muscle tissue and the connective tissue to relax, reducing pain and muscle tension.

Whilst sports massage can help with pre and post performance for athletes, it can also help to easy everyday aches and pains, so both athletes and non-athletes can gain physiological and psychological benefits.

Benefits include, pain reduction, relaxation, reduction in anxiety and stress, performance boost, improved flexibility and mobility, reduction in muscle tension, injury rehabilitation and improvement in mood.