The Truth About Getting in Shape for Summer

April 27, 2022

Let’s be honest, many of us associate summer with endless days of sun, warm weather, beer gardens, and holidays, and many will associate these events with a desire to be in good shape. There is no doubt that there will be tonnes of articles and ads telling you that you can get in shape almost instantly, but realistically, it’s about the bigger picture when you decide to kickstart a fitness journey instead of just a short term effort.

Whilst it is always a good thing to have motivation, even if that comes from wanting to look good in your swimming gear, this short-term goal might create instability in your lifestyle in the long term. We’re here to discuss why your short term fix should last a lot longer than you might have planned, whilst we pull apart the truths about getting in shape for summer.

There are plenty of myths about getting your body summer-ready, and many like the idea of working out for a few weeks and assuming they’ll see an instant change. What an ideal world that would be! The truth is if you’re solely trying to look good for a summer holiday, you’ll need to prepare months ahead as it takes about 6-8 weeks to start to see change. Realistically, if you’re going away in July or August, the perfect time to kickstart your summer workouts is now! 

There is an element that many must be careful about, and that is the motivation behind getting in shape. If summer is the sole motivation for you to kickstart new habits, then the chances are you’re going to yo-yo every year and become less committed to a healthy lifestyle once the summer ends. This is a great example of how extrinsic motivation is different to intrinsic motivation…

Looking good in summer clothes on holiday, at a festival, or even simply hanging out with your friends during summer are all examples of extrinsic motivation and all happen short term. Once the summer ends, these events are a lot less likely to occur, and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself with nothing to motivate you until this time next year. The truth is you’ll achieve better results if you motivate yourself intrinsically, because you enjoy exercise, feel good or want to challenge yourself. These are all great ways to keep motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as these will drive you to stay committed both before and after summer. In short, get fitter and healthier for yourself, not because you’re concerned about how you’ll look to others! 

Intrinsic motivation doesn’t just help whilst you’re in the gym either, it helps you at the dinner table all year round. Planning for the long term can help you keep a consistent diet and once you’ve found your groove, you’re likely to stick to a great routine which keeps you healthy and in-shape all year round, including the build-up to summer! 

Ultimately, the main message is clear; whilst it is great that summer motivates people to get into the gym when they may not usually, it can become an unhealthy habit. The most important thing to take away from this is that creating a long-term healthy attitude to fitness can benefit you for years to come, and not just for the odd summer holiday.

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