Relieve Injury and Stress with 360° Clinic at Bourton Mill

November 23, 2021

Tension and stress are two things we could all do without, but most people don’t know how effective professional treatment can be at relieving these. Whether you’re feeling tension mentally or physically, sports massage or Japanese therapies might help. These therapies can help relieve yourpain, easing your body of stress and improving your everyday wellbeing. Here at Bourton Mill, our expert 360° Clinic therapists can kickstart the healing of your body and mind to achieve complete wellbeing.


Why book yourself into our 360° clinic?

The benefits that Japanese therapy and sports massage can bring about are incredible and work both physically and psychologically. Whether you need a break from your busy life, you’re carrying an injury, or you’ve been straining yourself for a long while, these treatments can provide you with the opportunity to switch off and relax, whilst a professional eases your body of stress, tension, and pain. Our clients of all ages enjoy our offering of a range of complimentary and therapeutic treatments, regardless of their situation.


For those of you thinking sport must be involved with sports massage, don’t worry, anyone can have one. Whether you’re an athlete looking for pre/post performance therapy, or a non-athlete simply looking for easing of pain, sports massage therapy can bring physiological and psychological benefits.


What are the benefits?

Regarding the physical benefits, sports massage and Japanese therapies can help increase performance, increase joint range of motion, and increase flexibility, whilst helping to decrease muscle tension and muscle spasms.


Of course, this is beneficial for your body, but being relieved of all of these can help you mentally as well. Mental benefits can come in the form of an increased sense of wellbeing, decreased neurological excitability (in other words, your nerves are more relaxed) and reduced anxiety and stress, all of which lead to better sleep. The benefits don’t sound too bad for an hour of relaxation, do they?!


How can we help?

At Bourton Mill, our 360° Clinic therapists provide a top-quality service, allowing you the chance to switch off and enable your body to rest whilst you receive the treatment you deserve.


Our therapies last for either half an hour or one hour, so plenty of time for you to detach yourself from everything which is creating a build-up of stress in your life. With special packages available such as a 5 x1 hour Sports Massage Package, and 20% discount for our members, maybe a sports massage or Japanese therapy treatments are just what you need. After all, keeping our bodies fit and healthy is vital so maybe it’s time you treated yourself…


Looking after your body and mind is crucial for maintaining full personal wellbeing. To find out more about our 360° Clinic and other Hybrid 360services, please visit: