September 28, 2021

You may remember some time ago we announced the winners of our 10-week Personal Training competition. Well, the results are in and we are so proud of our winners who have seen some incredible results in just 10 weeks! 

Kate was one of the lucky five who won 10 personal training sessions at Bourton Mill, with our Personal Trainer, Karen! Using a combination of photos and Styku 3D body scans to track progress, Kate has made incredible progress in just 10 weeks!

Check out her transformation here:

Before and after

But, the pictures only tell half the story… Thanks to our innovative Styku 3D body scanning technology we are able see what’s going on behind the scenes and what progress has been made! Take a look:

Full body scan
Body Fat % (down 3%)
BMI (down 3 points)
Waist measurement (down 9.2cm)

What an amazing result in just 10 weeks, congratulations Kate! Here’s what Kate had to say about the experience:

Personal training? Honestly, something I had never really considered - why would I want to pay someone to stand and watch me sweat and struggle. Well, I was wrong.

Having spent 10 weeks (2 sessions a week) with Karen at Bourton Mill I am now a different person from the tired, sluggish, no energy, low mood, overweight woman with high blood pressure. 

The prospect of the first Styku Body scan was daunting – did I really want to see it?! Karen really put me at ease and said it was simply a “starting point”. After a couple of weeks, I started to feel so much better, my energy and mood improved, and I actually wanted to eat healthy foods and actively looked forward to going to the gym even when I wasn’t seeing Karen. 

By the time the midway point approached and the final scan was due, I was excited to see the results. I did lose weight and after seeing the scan I could also see the changes in my body shape. The health benefits have been massive. My resting heart rate was down by 10 bpm, my blood pressure lowered and I no longer found myself getting out of breath and feeling unfit. I felt so much stronger and had bags more energy to do daily tasks.

I completely understand and appreciate the many benefits of having a personal trainer and using the fantastic facilities available to members at Bourton Mill Health & Wellness Centre. The constant encouragement, support and the helpful lifestyle choices and explanation of health benefits support gave the motivation to want to do more, , along with having a laugh along the way.

Thank you Karen and thank you Bourton Mill!


- Kate 

Here’s what Personal Trainer, Karen had to say:

Kate has been a pleasure to work with. She has always given 100% effort in the gym and has been totally invested in the whole process from the beginning. 

During the 10 weeks the numbers have all gone in the right direction... weight is down, centimetres are down, blood pressure is down and cholesterol is down. This is all amazing but what is probably more important is that Kate has made some significant changes to her behaviour in terms of her health and well-being which will have an impact in her life, not just for this 10-week period, but for the future as well. 

Kate has worked really hard and the fact that she is going to carry on with her journey and continue to improve her health and fitness with a positive attitude shows how valuable the process has been for her.

- Karen