How does our GP Referral service work?

December 15, 2021

At Bourton Mill, we’re not just about working out, lifting weights, and swimming lengths. We understand that physical and mental health go hand in hand, and our range of Hybrid 360 services bridge the gap that often exists between the two.

Our GP referral service enables us to work with local GP Surgeries to ensure our members are receiving the best possible care. Our partnership with our local surgery, Swan Practice helps us to support our members to lead a healthy life inside and outside of our gym.

It works both ways - let’s say somebody had high blood pressure. They might be prescribed medication by The Swan Practice but may also be advised that they need to include more exercise and be cautious of their diet. This is where we come in. Whilst the GP Practice takes care of diagnoses, advice and medication, we support with exercise and nutrition plans.

On the flip side, if during an assessment we encounter a member who has high blood pressure, we can refer them to The Swan Practice to seek further medical advice. Of course, the same is the case for any health condition or injury that can be helped by diet, exercise or therapy.

Ultimately, the result we strive towards is ensuring our members receive the best medical advice that incorporates health, nutrition and fitness so all factors work together to support a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more about our GP Referral services, or any of our other Hybrid 360 services, please visit our website: