How 3D body scans can support your training

June 7, 2020

Since we reopened in April, you may have noticed us talking about our new ‘Styku’ 3D body scanning technology. This is a fantastic new service that we’re proud to be the first health and wellness centre in Buckingham to offer.


So, what is a 3D body scanner? It is an incredible technology that scans your entire body, head to toe, 360°. Styku shows exact body measurements with less than 1% error, so within minutes body composition can be evaluated, risk factors identified, and achievable fitness goals can be set.


Styku allows hundreds of measurements to be taken in less than a minute including body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone mass, as well as circumferences across the body, to give an in-depth insight into body health. Each Styku scan produces a 3D avatar image of your body plus a full report of body composition statistics so you can see a true representation of body type and the most minute changes can be tracked whilst you undertake your fitness journey.


The precision of Styku’s 3D body scans means they are fantastic to use alongside a Personal Training programme. Not only do they take the focus away from the number on a scale, they allow you to literally see progress overtime so you are likely to find yourself more motivated as even the smallest amount of progress made can be seen with each scan.


With Styku, your personal trainer has a full overview of your current fitness levels and general health from the offset, meaning they can use this to assess any risks and put together a bespoke training plan, completely tailored to you, to help you achieve your goals.


Here at Bourton Mill, Styku 3D body scans are available as part of our Hybrid 360 services and are included as standard in all of our PersonalTraining packages. Regular scans will be taken over the course of your sessions so you have an accurate starting point and progress can be tracked throughout.


To find out more about Styku and our Personal Training packages, please visit our website contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.