Enhance Your Health with A Revamped Routine…

February 25, 2022

Habits are something we subconsciously carry out every day, whether they’re good or bad. It’s important that we prioritise mental and physical health and try to make exercise and self-care subconscious habits by implementing an efficient daily routine.

So, how can a lack of routine make life harder?

1. No plan = stress!

Firstly, if you don’t have a routine in your life, it becomes extremely difficult to plan and you may find you’re constantly telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow”. A build-up of things on your ‘to-do’ list can lead to a greater level of stress, which can create a spiral of bad behaviours.

2. Sleep struggles

With stress comes sleep issues, diminishing your productivity and motivation - two crucial elements required for good health. Staying up late, constantly worrying about things you’ve not done can ruin the whole of the next day for you. Ultimately, this prolongs your disorganisation and you’ll find it difficult to get back into good habits due to low energy and motivation levels.

3. Unhealthy diet

A lack of routine can create disorderly days, and to add to the stress and lack of sleep, there is the danger of adopting a poor diet. Failing to schedule time for grocery shopping can develop laziness and the temptation of poor food choices.

The benefits of a sustainable routine…

1. Maximise your mental health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and a routine can allow you to plan your day and have more time to unwind which will help reduce anxiety. Of course, even with a routine, nobody is immune to stress, so it is important that you construct a strategy to manage stress whenever it creeps up on you.

2. Good sleep is key!

Maintaining a routine will help to minimise anxiety and stress, which will improve your sleeping schedule over time, improving your mental and physical performance by optimising energy levels and focus, all of which help towards good mental health. Better sleep will create an opportunity to set the alarm a little earlier than usual to allow time for a sufficient and energizing breakfast, and maybe even a morning workout! The mornings are a crucial part of your day, and an efficient morning routine can give you that boost you need to be productive in whatever the day throws at you.

How can I implement a consistent routine?

Almost everybody is a culprit of quitting a new goal; we’re simply impatient! The truth is that it takes around 21 days to build a new habit. If you can get yourself a plan which you are motivated to stick to for 21 days, the likelihood is that it will become a subconscious habit. It is important to keep your routines tailored to what you like to do, whilst balancing it with what you need to do. Prioritise the things you need to get done so you can enjoy leisure time guilt-free!

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