October 11, 2021

You may remember some time ago we announced the winners of our 10-week Personal Training competition. Well, the results are in and we are so proud of our winners who have seen some incredible results in just 10 weeks!

Caroline was one of the lucky five who won 10 personal training sessions at Bourton Mill, with our Personal Trainer, Neil! Using a combination of photos and Styku 3D body scans to track progress, Neil has made incredible progress in just 10 weeks!

Check out her transformation here:


Before and after pictures


But, the pictures only tell half the story…Thanks to our innovative Styku 3D body scanning technology we are able see what’s going on behind the scenes and what progress has been made! Take a look:

Body Fat% (down 5.6%) 


Lean Mass (gain of 5.2%)
Waist measurement (down 8cm)


What an amazing result in just 10 weeks, congratulations Caroline! Here’s what Caroline had to say about the experience:

Neil started training me 5 months after I had a baby. I wanted to start exercising more, but was unsure what I could do and how far I’d be able to push myself. I can honestly say I now feel stronger and fitter than I was before I had a baby, but I never felt like I was doing anything my body wasn’t ready for. Neil helped me introduce weights into my workouts, which is something I’ve never had the confidence to do before. I now understand how effective different types of training can be. Thanks Neil!


Here’s what Personal Trainer, Neil had to say:

Caroline was really nervous about coming to the gym postpartum. We slowly built her confidence to lift weights and become stronger, as well as strengthened her overall fitness levels so she could do her fastest 5K run for quite some time.

Overall, Caroline saw great results in her physical appearance, performance, and mindset.