October 25, 2021

You may remember some time ago we announced the winners of our 10-week Personal Training competition. Well, the results are in and we are so proud of our winners who have seen some incredible results in just 10 weeks!

Andrew was one of the lucky five who won 10 personal training sessions at Bourton Mill, with our Personal Trainer, Neil! Using a combination of photos and Styku3D body scans to track progress, Andrew has seen some  incredible progress in just 10 weeks!

Checkout his transformation here:

Before and After

 But, the pictures only tell half the story… Thanks to our innovative Styku 3D body scanning technology we are able see what’s going on behind the scenes and what progress has been made! Take a look:

Body fat % (down 4.4%)
Waist Measurement
3D Body Scan

What an amazing result in just 10 weeks, congratulations Andrew! Here’s what Andrew had to say about the experience:

“Instant results for fitness and well-being. I’ve been training with Neil for 10 weeks now and I have never felt more in tune with my body and fitness. His expertise has allowed him to tailor my fitness plan around my goals as well as my lifestyle. I am pushing 40 and still playing first team football, and more often than not, outpacing team mates half my age.

Neil pushes me outside of my comfort zone which allows me to see results, quickly. This has boosted my confidence and lowered my anxiety levels to a point where I can sleep at night again.

I started my journey overweight at 15st 9lbs and I am currently 12st 9lbs. My clothes are too big, which is money I don’t mind spending.

Neil always explains why he implements certain changes to my fitness and diet plan and is agile in his approach if something isn’t getting results.

So far, I have really enjoyed training with Neil, and as tough as the workouts are, I always look forward to my sessions”

Here’s what Personal Trainer, Neil had to say:

“Being in shape all of your life, playing a decent level of football, and then through a combination of COVID, lockdowns and bad choices, you end up being out of shape, unfit, overweight and unhappy with how you’re looking and feeling.

How many of you have been there? Or are you there now?

Well, my client, Andrew, was, but he’s not anymore. For me, this shows great mentality to get back to where you once were and improving on that.

We are 3 stone down, shape changes, fitness levels up, back playing football and not just playing, but playing how you know you can play because of it.

We’re now on zero cardio apart from football matches and steps, and we are gradually increasing calories by the week.

Great work Andrew.”